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When I came out to my parents at the age of 14, my parent’s first response was that I would probably die of AIDS.

Perhaps the most significant step in that journey was educating myself about the actual risk of transmission, something that most gay men still don’t know enough about.

If you asked a 21-year old Jake Sobo what the chances are of getting HIV after being fucked by a poz guy without a condom, I probably would have said 50%. And as we know now, treatment and/or Pr EP virtually eliminates that risk altogether.

For most of my life, HIV was a specter haunting me and my sex life.

Over time, I found ways to cope and manage the stress and risk that comes with being a promiscuous HIV-negative gay man.

It sounds trite, but being friends with HIV-positive guys and realizing that their lives were basically no different from my own played a significant role in helping me reshape my understanding of the disease. I no longer live in a world where contracting HIV seems a possible outcome that warrants my anxiety or stress.

With Pr EP, I can have the sex that I want, with whomever I want, without HIV looming over my decisions.

Despite that growing scientific consensus, I still struggled with my own irrational fears and deeply-ingrained stigmatizing views of HIV-positive men. If you’re not familiar with the ongoing clinical trial tracking serodiscordant couples that don’t use condoms consistently, let me briefly rehash its findings thus far.

Like most gay men, I had been trained to avoid HIV-positive guys at all cost. In two years, not one person with an undetectable viral load –gay or straight – had transmitted HIV to their primary partner, during an estimated 16,400 occasions of sex among gay men and 28,000 among straight couples.

The fear of HIV leads gay men to all sorts of irrationalities.

This is especially true for HIV-negative gay men, whose knowledge of the disease is largely fed by stigma and misinformation.

He ominously threatened one day that if I ever cheated on him, he would beat the shit out of me. A few weeks later, when he went out to the bar with friends, I enacted my own form of resistance: I went out and got my ass creamed. Nonetheless, it was always lurking in the shadows of our relationship, providing a kind of scientific legitimacy to his control.