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"There were negotiations, and based on those negotiations, they opted out. The show sees the duo use scientific methods to prove or disprove rumors, myths, movie situations and more. Savage said that seeing Belleci, Byron and Imahara leave was disappointing and sad, but expressed continued enthusiasm for his work and upcoming seasons.Belleci, Byron and Imahara comprised "The Build Team" and generally performed their experiments separately. "I don't like to disappoint the fans," he said of his co-hosts' departure. But I really feel like when they see what we've been producing this year, they'll see a program that we still love to make." Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, Grant Imahara depart 'Myth Busters' Eion Bailey to reprise Pinnochio on 'Once Upon a Time' USA Network orders hacker drama 'Mr.

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BLAST: Do people come up to you randomly on the street and ask you ridiculous questions expecting you to know the answer? We have 4-5 researchers who work around the clock on these weird stories. They get to call people and ask, “So where can I find a full size engine we can throw a hand into,” or “where can I find a stomach with all the acids still in it.” I got lucky, I get to be on the end with all the hands on fun stuff.BLAST Who’s idea was it to build a cannon out of duct tape?Since then, she has shown off more than just her romper with risqu© photos in FHM Magazine, becoming one of the most fantasized about engineers of all time. And so I came to Jamie in the shop, M5 Industries and asked for an internship.BLAST: Can you describe your first TV show experience? Crazy and most amazing classroom she got to play Mother Nature in our school play. Got an internship with Jamie, and it turns out my first day as an intern was the first day Mythbusters started filming there.She also worked as a model maker and toy builder, which led her to M5.

Her debut in one of the early episodes of "Myth Busters" was slightly odd to say the least.

It was for the myth that a sudden drop in an airplane's pressure could cause a vacuum effect and suction someone to the lavatory toilet.

Jamie and Adam needed a model to make a realistic mold of the human backside for testing purposes and Kari stepped up.

After that, she made sporadic appearances until her more visible role as a member of the on-camera camera team in the second season.

Tory Belleci is another San Francisco State graduate.

The build team has done everything from testing whether a snow plow could blow a passing car from the road (busted) to sending a school bus behind the path of a passenger jet engine to see if it could be blown off the ground (confirmed).