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I know this may seem a little uncomfortable because it is not usual that you hear of someone in the stage of mature meeting or any type of meeting arena for that matter, using a Matchmaker, although 'there is a lot that we can bring.Not only are talismans used but certain ritual rites and ceremonies are performed as well to ensure a prosperous, harmonious life.The shrine and the surrounding area are regarded as holy ground.

Ruling the waters is the dragon spirit, who is believed to live in a palace under the sea.

Often referred to as the dragon king, Korean literature abounds with stories of his exploits.

With such merrymaking activities, the earth spirit was supposed to be pleased and would endow the villagers with many rewards throughout the year.

Most villages have special officers who perform certain duties connected with these village rites.

On New Year's Day of the lunar year, after families have gathered to observe memorial services for their ancestors and have visited the elders of the village to pay their respects, villagers would gather together to enjoy each other's company with the accompaniment of farmer's band music and pay tribute to the earth spirit.

At first, the villagers visit the home of the wealthiest villager, where they are entertained with food and drink.The village rite is usually performed in the early dawn with the proffering of wine, the reading of a prayer, and the burning of a hand-made piece of white paper.If, as the ceremonial officer is burning the paper, the ashes drift up to the sky, it is a happy omen for the village.Birthdays are the most important day of the year for everyone, and the same is in Korea.Korea has a few super big birthday parties as well as a few traditions. Covered in this video: 돌잔치 (doljanchi) – 1st birthday party 미역국 (miyeokguk) – seaweed soup 환갑잔치 (hwangapjanchi) – 60th birthday party What you should do on your birthday in Korea (pay for others) What are some birthday traditions in your country? According to legend, upon Tan-gun's death, the founder of Korea became the mountain spirit of Asadal, the ancient capital of Korea.