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We’re the type of partner who’ll drop everything and come to you in your time of need (or more likely, rearrange everything so nothing gets dropped). People of the INTJ personality generally show their love by helping others reach their goals. In fact, we love being proven wrong if it means we learn something new.We view problems as inherently solvable, including problems like a lack of wealth, fame, or career success. We don’t believe we have any business putting our emotions out in the public sphere, and it can be hard for us when others do so. But sometimes we forget that not everyone feels this way. But, if it’s a recurring problem, just remind us that sometimes you need to be affirmed. A lot of INTJs told me no one gets them gifts that they really like.

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I’ve personally gone through this program and I can’t recommend it enough.At age 66, I feel more confident meeting men and my love life has never been better.We have a sense of personal dedication to our partner, and we expect to receive that in return.We want a partner who believes in our work, our goals, and our abilities. Most INTJs aren’t great at reading subtle cues — which is why appreciate when people are direct about their thoughts.My name is Margaret Manning and I am the founder of Sixty and Me, a community of over 500,000 baby boomer women.

I’ve heard again and again that dating after 50 is tough.

We let very few people into our “inner circle,” and when we do, we have high expectations.

A single let-down can leave scars.)Loyalty doesn’t mean just fidelity.

At the same time, I’ve heard 100’s of stories from women our age who have built dating success or even found the love of their lives. Why do some older women struggle when it comes to dating, while others succeed?

Well, I can tell you that it has nothing to do with looks, personality or confidence.

If you’re an INTJ personality like me, you may have always struggled to find a partner who understands you.