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The few conversations I would have the women would be rude from the beginning conversation for no reason or they would block you as soon as you say hello for no reason. I contacted customer service and on last deletion I was told profile was deleted for suspicious activity when it was a conversation but POF could not deleted the suspicious activity of constant nude or fake profile requests that would flood my notifications.

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I honestly think they will label members as upgraded in order to get others to do so stating that you get better results and additional privileges and features non pay members don't get! On top of that they have confirmed that my account is still available on file and was not deleted. Each man claimed to be on business trips out of the country... Men expect sex on the first date, felons will not give their last name, most drove cars in poor condition.They informed me that if I wanted the account to be deleted I would need to log back in and follow the steps to delete my account. Then, the majority of the guys I also went out with were really cheap.I have attempted to log in but have not been able to successfully log back in. They didn't even want to pay for the date, but still wanted sex out of it. I went on with a total of 5 guys over the last 8 months & they were either: Felons, cheap, had really bad breath, completely lied about their profile, expected sex, & other horrible qualities.I have already attempted to reset the password (which seems to be successful) and still not able to log back in. Is that not some form of punishment w/o due process? I have never engaged anyone so my chances of being blocked are unlikely like many have said they were. It's better to use any other site or just wait & meet someone organically. I am a female and this so-called male initiated contact.No matter the woman, she would not seem interested and could easily go weeks without responding and when she would it would be short answer. I would get approached by very old women nowhere near the age range I had placed in criteria.

I would get male profiles in my carousel even though I was looking for females.

The woman answered the phone billing, I explained that I'm locked out of my account and sent an email and have yet to get a response.

I also told her that I'm on the Consumer Affairs website reading complaints and a host of people have stated this has happened to them.

My bank reimbursed me all but the one month membership fee.

In the interim, I'm waiting to see the refund from Plenty of Fish and as of this date 9/26/18 am EST it has yet to be processed.

I have not seen or heard of any women profiles be deleted. Let me know so that I can provide you with the Info for the transfer. On 9/16/18 4.17pm EST, they responded informing me memberships are non-refundable but, they would they would reduce my membership to two or four weeks depending on my preference then provide me with a refund of the difference and remove my card from renewing my account.