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I realized there was a huge market of white-collar enthusiasts that had barely been tapped, and I decided to stake my claim and start my own business in the industry.With my degree in Psychology and my experience in matchmaking and cannabis consulting, it dawned on me that I was uniquely qualified to be the first ever cannabis friendly life coach and dating expert, and I launched Highly Devoted in June of 2015.

After years of working as a matchmaker, an unexpected opportunity landed her a position as a cannabis consultant.She immediately fell in love with the cannabis industry., you repeated the story that vampire legends might have been based on victims of the disease porphyria, which causes disfigurement and is a result of certain blood deficiencies.This hypothesis was invented by a biochemist named David Dolphin.Cannabis brought them together and enriches their relationship to this day.

“We always laughed together and had fun, but we challenged one another, and walked on the same path,” Molly said.I remember heading back down to my apartment, and there was an AIM message from Marc waiting for me (this was back in 2005), asking me to hang out.Before we even had our first kiss, we would spend hours smoking bowls on my balcony, chatting and getting to know each other.Through her coaching and events, she provides all the tools necessary for clients to confidently build lasting connections.Molly met her husband, Marc, when they were only 21.This led her to launch Highly Devoted, a business with a mission to help cannabis-friendly singles find lasting love.