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John Heskett, a 20th-century British writer on design claimed, "Design, stripped to its essence, can be defined as the human nature to shape and make our environment in ways without precedent in nature, to serve our needs and give meaning to our lives." Design philosophies are fundamental guiding principles that dictate how a designer approaches his/her practice.

Reflections on material culture and environmental concerns (sustainable design) can guide a design philosophy.

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One example is the First Things First manifesto which was launched within the graphic design community and states "We propose a reversal of priorities in favor of more useful, lasting and democratic forms of communication – a mindshift away from product marketing and toward the exploration and production of a new kind of meaning. Consumerism is running uncontested; it must be challenged by other perspectives expressed, in part, through the visual languages and resources of design." In The Sciences of the Artificial by polymath Herbert A.Simon, the author asserts design to be a meta-discipline of all professions.Some popular approaches include: Today, the term design is widely associated with the applied arts as initiated by Raymond Loewy and teachings at the Bauhaus and Ulm School of Design (Hf G Ulm) in Germany during the 20th century.The boundaries between art and design are blurred, largely due to a range of applications both for the term 'art' and the term 'design'.Implementation is the process of constructing the design object.

Coevolution is "the process where the design agent simultaneously refines its mental picture of the design object based on its mental picture of the context, and vice versa".Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction.Design has different connotations in different fields (see design disciplines below).While the definition of design is fairly broad, design has a myriad of specifications that professionals utilize in their fields.Major examples of design are architectural blueprints, engineering drawings, business processes, circuit diagrams, and sewing patterns Substantial disagreement exists concerning how designers in many fields, whether amateur or professional, alone or in teams, produce designs.Thus "design" may be a substantive referring to a categorical abstraction of a created thing or things (the design of something), or a verb for the process of creation as is made clear by grammatical context.