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Not to be outdone by the Garden State, Tennessee now has its own high school sexting scandal.The Tennessean reports that a group of teen boys -- one sixteen-year-old and two seventeen-year-olds -- started a nude-photo-blackmailing-ring.They’re in the moment, and they’re thinking of shock value or just being funny.What they’re not thinking about is the footprint they’re digitally leaving for themselves.After their  girlfriends texted them nude photos, they decided to pool their resources, put the photos into email accounts, and share the passwords with other classmates for viewing.

They then used the existing photos to blackmail the girls into sending more nude photos, threatening to send the photos to their parents and other students (which they were in fact already doing) or to post them around school.

One San Francisco woman had her i Phone stolen at a bar in December; according to ABC News, six days after the phone went missing, a man in Peru who purchased it emailed her naked photos she had on the phone and tried to extort her for ,000, threatening to send the photos to contacts in her phone.

Seriously, y'all, think *really* hard about having naked photos of yourself in existence.

In a case in Indiana, a fourteen-year-old got his thirteen-year-old girlfriend to show him her breasts during a Face Time conversation in December 2011. He then showed the photo to other boys at the school, but said in April 2012 that he would delete it if she "did something for him," according to court documents. (Girls, never agree to meet a dude like this in the woods in a situation like this.) He arrived with two male classmates and they sexually assaulted her for forty-five minutes, and, of course, because that's what kids do these days, made a video of her being forced to perform oral sex on one of the boys.

They later shared the video around the school saying it was "so funny." When the boy texted the 13-year-old saying he wanted to do it again, threatening to put the photos online if she didn't, and telling her she needed to bring a friend this time, she called the police.

The ring was discovered not because any of the students reported it, but because the police caught a teenager from the school after he crashed while joy-riding a stolen car.