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Here is a small chart showing average temperature in Morocco.

The yellow column stands for the average temperature during day and the green one is the average low during night.

This can apply for flights, hotels and in restaurant and shop prices.

The hotel prices are the first sign and there it can vary significantly.

Another huge bonus for visiting Morocco in the winter is that this is definitely the low tourist season.

Meaning there are far less tourists around, even though the medina in Marrakech is always packed with people!

Another tip: Since everything is a bargain – Keep in mind that you can usually always immediately cut 50% off the first price that your salesman will give you. I have got to know this with shoes, carpets, ceramic, oils and literally every product bought in the souks.

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Price differences are maybe less noticeable in shops and restaurants but store owners are more open to a good bargain when they are less busy and have fewer opportunities to make a sale.

This definitely applies in Morocco where almost everything is a bargain and fixed price shops / markets are rarely seen.

Are you day dreaming about a winter holiday to the amazing Morocco?

If so, I would like to tell you this: Absolutely go for it! Start planning your itinerary and count down the days until you can enjoy the wonderful N-African sun, the fascinating & unique Moroccan culture and the amazing local cuisine.

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