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Even so, many Group Wise users are migrating to Office 365 because of the platform’s user-friendliness, security, and speed as compared to Group Wise.

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This allows Riva administrators to design sync policies that best meet sync requirements based on the type of user (in an office or mobile), geographic location (North America, EMEA, APAC, etc.), or type of data being synced (full data sync, calendar only, email only, etc.).When Riva performs a first time sync for a user, it queries the CRM for contacts, leads, calendar items, and tasks to copy to the user's Group Wise mailbox.Normal Data Sync: When a user places an email in a "- Create New [module]" folder, Riva processes that email as follows: First Time Sync: During the first sync, Riva adds an \Assign To\ folder under the parent module folder for each module enabled in the Other tab of the sync policy.Riva adds a drop folder for each active module item that is either visible to or owned by the user.Moving from Group Wise to Office 365 is not an easy task, and especially difficult is Group Wise archive to Office 365 migration.

There are a lot of steps involved and it comes with its share of risks.

When bidirectional syncing is enabled, Riva syncs the calendar as follows: First Time Sync: Once a user has been added to a sync policy and Riva runs a first time sync against that user, Riva will sync task items from the CRM and create those as tasks items in the user's Tasklist in Group Wise.

Those task items will appear in the user's Group Wise Tasklist and be colour-coded according to the Calendar page of the sync policy.

Riva can be configured to sync emails and create module items in the CRM, typically new opportunities, cases, projects, or quotes. For each email placed in a "drop folder", Riva archives it to the CRM as follows: First Time Sync: During the first sync, Riva builds, in the user's mailbox, a new folder structure that contains "drop folders".

Drop folders (for example, "- Create New Opportunity") are added for each module that is enabled in the Other tab of the sync policy.

Riva includes a Sync Start Time filter option that Riva applies depending on the type of data.