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Additionally, this patch will contain "under the hood" preparations for the upcoming free inclusion of competitive Ranked mode.

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Halo 5 is a sizeable download, including 55GBS of data, with a further 9GB patch needed to play the game online.Users on Twitter have complained that the game has taken over seven hours to reach the 50% mark.One user wrote: "Glad my 13 hour halo 5 digital download finished this morning right before I left for work all day.While another commented: "I feel like Halo 5's patch download has been stuck on 92% for what must be 4 years now."Gamers have been warned by Piers Harding-Rolls, a games analyst at IHS, that this could become increasingly common for the biggest titles."If you go for a digital version you've got to download the whole game and if it's a very popular one you're likely to be dealing with a slow network as well," he told the BBC."From the consumer point of view, it's not great to have to wait many hours to get access to content," he said."This is an issue that console companies and publishers really need to look at seriously."Pre-loading the game is one way of fixing this situation, although it would not include the day one patch and it looks likely that these are set to become industry standard moving forward.Halo Wars 2 is a stellar real-time strategy game based in the Halo universe.

Set concurrently against the events of Halo 5, Halo Wars 2 resumes the mission of Captain Cutter and the UNSC Spirit of Fire, as they attempt to wrest control of the Ark from Atriox and his vicious Banished army.

Those who have just inserted their Halo 5 disc for the very first time will be met with a nasty surprise today.

It’s been confirmed that there is a Day One Halo 5 9GB update which users say is installing extremely slow.

Microsoft’s Xbox support team has already acknowledged this problem, advising users to check their internet connection speed, restart the console and try again.

Let us know if you are still having problems with this.

Halo Wars 2 features a beefy campaign, classic RTS player vs.