Im dating commitment phobe

Caring more than a commitment phobe is what gets many people in trouble with their heart.You simply can’t allow yourself to be put in a cycling relationship where the other person does not care to work as hard as you in making things right.They seem to be the perfect companion, but that’s a stretch given how many times they’ve been in and out of relationships.

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The problem is, they are not stable nor do they keep up anything that they’ve promised you.Why is it so hard letting go of a commitment phobe?Commitment phobes talk a good game, but they are never able to take the relationship to the next level.They are in and out of love in six weeks or less for fear of commitment.If you are not careful you will end up hurt by a commitment phobe.

Still people find themselves in love with commitment phobes every day.You are not sure if you ought to stay or walk away, but you are in love and when one is in love they work things out.News flash, commitment phobes are selfish individuals, they are not in the business of getting their heart broken.Once more commitment phobes love to see you work for their love and attention.It puts them in a place of safety, better you than them is their way of thinking.This is because they are not comfortable with letting anyone in no matter how good the relationship is.