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Shortly before 2 p.m., Loesche principal Sherin Philip Kurian left phone messages with parents of children in Room 202.

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Eyes closed, head down, arms draped across his desk, Lucas Sims didn’t move to the blue rug when his second-grade classmates gathered in a circle for story time. Loesche Elementary School after a worker placed a gas-powered generator on the roof too close to an air intake vent.Afterward, his teacher, who thought he had drifted off to sleep, gently tried to rouse him. A school nurse rushed to Room 202 and waved smelling salts under Lucas’ nose, six times in all. Before long, fire and emergency crews, sirens wailing, converged on William H.” After Abington doctors transferred Lucas to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Loesche assistant principal Marilynn Szarka showed up to check on him.“The concern on her face was very reassuring,” Chris Sims said. Lucas suffered carbon monoxide poisoning in January at William H.

Lucas Sims, 7, at his home in the city's Somerton neighborhood.Melissa Ann Shivers (second from left) picks up Jacob at William H. In January, Jacob and his classmates ended up in the emergency room after carbon monoxide was accidentally circulated into their second-grade classroom.“I come to pick up my child and he’s not here, so how can I take their word that he’s really OK?Too many times the district failed to adequately oversee the work and ended up making the same mistakes at other schools, according to the newspapers’ analysis of five years of internal maintenance logs.“The problem is oversight,” said Arthur Steinberg, head of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Health and Welfare Fund, which tracks building conditions.“They don’t monitor the contractors closely enough and they don’t apply what they’ve learned when they go to the next school,” he said.