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He was very lucky as he was diagnosed early but some men are not that fortunate.' It's at the Wheatsheaf in Durham Road, Birtley from noon until 11pm and there will be so much going on that Riffs pages are just not big enough to list them all!!

There are some great raffle prizes on offer, one of which is a Cassidy electric guitar which has been given specifically for an exclusive online raffle only.

That first album, just don't get sick of it, every time I listen it's like the first time. We are bang up to date as we get all our info straight from Paul Tuns so be assured what you see on our Listings page is defo what is on.

Recorded for less than sixpence, and the lads were positively gushing with enthusiasm and skill. Great to hear from those solid rocksters featured on our Index page.

Four elephants are killed an hour -- its a race against time before we lose these gentle giants forever.

But if we each give now, this team can expand to more countries, lock up more kingpins and complicit officials -- and we can ramp up campaigning to protect these beautiful creatures and all of our vulnerable natural world.

Those first few albums were truly inspirational and I just don't see how I could have enjoyed my youth without them. By way of an update, the band is still going strong and coincidentally have just produced a short promo video filmed at The Office now the Queen Vic.

Well, being a lazy scrote of late I have not added any reviews from way back, and as more than a few people (wonder how many 'more' is, first off you need to guess how many a 'few' is, then guage how many 'more' is, then add them. till at 9pm the band took to the stage (a full eight hours later by my flu-powered watch). This is the link and Riffs urges you - and any other wannabee North-East Rock bands - to check them out on this stunning video - HERE They are currently taking bookings for 2019, but people can see them over the next few weeks at the following venues: Sunday 19th Aug - The Crook Hotel, (4pm) Saturday 25th Aug - The Pelaw Inn Sunday 26th Aug - The Mallard, Seaham (6pm) Friday 31st Aug - The Penny Gill, Spennymoor Saturday 1st September- The Mill House, Crook Of course all of these dates are in Riffs Listings page.

And it's for this Saturday (13th) from 1pm till midnight. Could be these strong painkillers which have a weird side-effect of making one feel very very drunk.