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The gravel trail is approximately 1/4 mile and then the rock path down to the hole is about 200 yds... I don�t recommend this place for children under 10." PHOTO , PHOTO , PHOTO , YOUTUBE . (This is above the falls.) This spot is great for anyone that can not climb the hills. The directions are, leaving the main (paved) parking area from Little River Canyon Falls make a right and go for about a � mile. The river is very wide with many small shallow pools. (See local area map) About 3.1 miles from the north end of the canyon rim parkway (RT 176), you will see a small pull out (partially hidden due to a sharp curve in the road, and easy to miss) and sign.

It took us about twenty minutes to get there from the car. LAT, LON lat=34.38942, lon=-85.62139(source: De Lorme) (accuracy:approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. Watch for a dirt road on the LEFT that cuts back to the left at a sharp angle. There were many couples with young children here in Aug. The sign says "Lower two-mile" and gives boating advice.

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LAT LON: lat=34.50132, lon=-85.61886(source: Map) (accuracy: approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. I think the water level was somewhat low as most of the places on the rocks where water would cascade over were dry so there was just the one BIG fall and then a few other little ones." "There is a rock walkway (carved from the falls) that you have to walk down if you don't want to jump to get down. In the Lower 2-Mile one, we had opportunity to skinny dip.The rocks can be a bit dangerous if they're slippery, people need to be wary of that. We also had some little fish for playmates when we were just sitting on a rock, dangling our feet. And you can swim up under the actual waterfall (once you get to it) when the water is low in summer.Below the falls is gorgeous, and the swimming is great! From Crossville (above) take RT 227 north through Geraldine and follow the signs to High Falls Park where RT 227 crosses Town Creek. " NOTE: Swimming anywhere in Little River is NOT SAFE at high water levels - use caution and do not swim if water levels are high. Payne, follow RT 35 east to signs for Little River Canyon. Some possible swimming places are (in order from North to South in gorge): (See local area map) The falls are spectacular and beautiful and you can swim at the bottom WHEN WATER LEVELS ARE LOW!The swimming hole is plenty deep in most places, just got to be wary of jumping too close to the shore where it is more shallow. LAT, LON lat= 34.39073, lon=-86.01836(source: Map) (accuracy:approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. From Gadsden, take I-59 northeast about 35 mi to Ft. Park at the falls parking area off RT 35 and follow the paved walkway to a well travelled trail on the left. LITTLE RIVER FALLS PHOTO , SWIMMING AT LITTLE RIVER FALLS .Turn right onto RT 78 and take the first left (Scott Drive) down into the park's parking lot. This report from a visitor in 2010: "It was incredible! Little River Canyon is one of the deepest gorges East of the Mississippi.

The swimming hole is between Cecil Drive and RT 78. Behind the State Park lodge, there is a network of trails that lead quickly down to the West Fork Little River and there are several nice swimming places here with large flat rocks to sun on and swim from. To get here, drive into the State Park and follow signs to the lodge and park. There is a very shallow area at the top when you first get into the park that's good to wade around's good for kids/family, I'd say. It is very beautiful but hiking trails are not yet well developed. You can drive the 22 mi scenic road (RT 176) along the west rim of the canyon and, while there are several viewpoints, the road is very high above the river and there are few apparent points to hike down.One can swim at the foot of the boat ramp where there is little current.From Andalusia (in south central AL) go south on RT 29/15 toward the Conecuh N. Turn south (left) on RT 137 near the entrance to the N. After about 5-6 miles, look for signs to the Blue Pond Recreation Area on the east (left) side of RT 137. A clear, cool spring is led into a concrete-sided pool with a natural bottom.Follow the "white" trail behind the lodge, down to the "yellow" trail which goes along the river. Nearby is Desoto Falls, which is awesome, with a huge pool at the bottom of the falls. That creek then spills over onto the rocks that create the falls. To get here from Crossville (above), continue west on RT 68 about 10 miles then continue onto Co Rd 414/Hustleville Rd and go about 1.5 mi then turn right onto Co Rd 409/Martling Rd and go about 1.2 miles to Old Red Mill near where Martling Rd. LAT, LON lat= 34.3264, lon=-86.1618(source: Map) (accuracy:approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. See "directions" below for several swimming places.Follow the river upstream and look for large, flat rocks with deep places in the river below. It is a very difficult and dangerous climb to get to the bottom. LAT LON: lat=34.55040, lon=-85.59091(source: Map) (accuracy: approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. There is a beautiful, naturally formed stone bridge that people jump from (about 20-30 feet high). Here's an email we got in 8/02 "My friend and I just went to the Little River Canyon gorge in Alabama, and swam in three places named in your reviews. In the southernmost one, we had 3 kids for company.LAT, LON (drive to) lat=33.37197, lon=-85.84159 (source: De Lorme) (accuracy: approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. There is a roped off swim area popular with locals in the summer and large white sand bars upstream and downstream from there reachable by canoe or boat for a more private swimming experience.