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"It was a new concept in our area: luxury estate homes, carriage homes, and townhouses," Williams says.

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Having this experience in a Christian environment allowed me to learn with others who share similar core values and reminded me that faith can exist in every aspect of our lives.Tucked serenely into the woods of Arden Hills, our waterfront campuses are just 15 minutes north of the Twin Cities.Originally called Pigeontown because of its large population of passenger pigeons (long extinct), the census-designated area was renamed in 1840 for the Blue Bell Inn on Skippack Pike, which reopened in 2014 after a year-long renovation. " Within the boundaries of Whitpain Township are Unisys, Aetna, a number of corporate office parks, the Normandy Farms hotel and conference center, shopping areas - all of which help keep property taxes low, Segal says. And Whitpain has three country clubs: Blue Bell, Cedarbrook and Meadowlands."In the renovations, they uncovered the stone wall from when it was first built in 1743 and used that as a focal point in the main inside dining room," Williams says. The township is working on permanently preserving 128 acres of Meadowlands, Williams says.Enter a career or area of interest to find and compare majors, programs, certificates, and licenses. That’s why we weave hundreds of hands-on experiences into our programs—like collaborative research, internships, study abroad, and service learning, to name a few.

Whether you’re a computer science student designing a corporate website or an aspiring nurse participating in end-of-life simulations, you’ll take your learning beyond the classroom so that you’re prepared to be as impressive in practice as you are on paper.During morning and evening rush hours, those spokes get a bit congested: There are "two-lane roads and a lot of people trying to get to work," Segal observes.Blue Bell is just a part, albeit an important one, of Whitpain, accounting for about one-third of the municipality's 18,000 people.It is an area awash in pharmaceutical and service industries, which explains the volume of relocations handled in the offices along Blue Bell's "Real Estate Row." As you might expect, there have been many changes since Radosh moved to Whitpain from New York in the 1970s."There were a lot of farms and fields," she says, adding that her son and daughter were teased by fellow students at the University of Pennsylvania who would say that "if you blinked, you would miss Blue Bell." Developments were built here in the 1960s and early 1970s, but most of Whitpain's houses were constructed in the 1980s through early 2000s.Come and experience our vibrant community for yourself—we’d love to show you around. Join us for a campus visit or sign up for an online info session and get to know our exciting community.