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Aired 3-4a ET • Remembering Pittsburgh Victims; Nephew of Victim Remembers his Uncle; Social Network Gab Shut Down; Pittsburgh Suspect Critical of Support Group; Kentucky Shooting at Grocery Store.Aired 1-2a ET • Indonesian Plane Crashes with 189 Aboard Minutes after Takeoff; Survivor of 2006 Hate Crime Shooting Reacts to Pittsburgh Tragedy; Suspicious Package Addressed to CNN Intercepted at Atlanta Post Office; Right Wing Candidate Wins Presidential Race in Brazil.Aired 6- 7p ET • Serial Mail Bomb Suspect Arrested in Florida; Trump Calls for Civility but Continues to Blame the Media; Erdogan Demands to Know Location of Journalist's Body; Obama Campaigns for Democrats; New Airstrikes on Gaza; Kenya Airways Launches First Flight to NYC; Duke and Duchess of Sussex Cheer Invictus Athletes.

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Aired 12-1p ET • Multiple Deaths in Mass Shooting at Pittsburgh Jewish Synagogue; Trump Weighs in on Synagogue Shooting; Pittsburgh Authorities Hold Press Conference on Mass Shooting; Synagogue Shooting Suspect in Custody; Allegheny County Executive Spoke to Reporters on Shooting.Aired 1-2p ET • Shooter at Synagogue in Pittsburgh Surrenders to Police; Shooter at Synagogue Left Social Media Posts Indicative of Anti- Semitism; President Trump Comments Synagogue Shooting; President Trump May Cancel Campaign Rally in Wake of Synagogue Shooting.Aired 4-5p ET • 11 Killed In Deadliest Anti-Sematic Attack In US History; Suspect Posted Anti-Semitic Rants On Social Media.Aired 3-4p ET • Synagogue Mass Shooting in Pittsburgh; Interfaith Vigil Remembering the Victims; Race Targeted Killings, Pipe Bomb mailings, and Anti-Semitism Murders within a Week.Aired 5-6p ET • Coverage Of The Mass Shooting In Tree Of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh.

Aired 2-3p ET • Remembering the Lives Lost in the Synagogue Shooting; Interview with Representative Keith Rothfus; Hate and Conspiracy Theories Fuel National Tragedies; Jerusalem Grieves for Shooting Victims; Man Suspected of Mailing 14 Pipe Bombs to Appear in Court Today.

Aired 4-5a ET • Leicester City's Owner's Helicopter Crashes; Erdogan Calls on Saudi Arabia to Extradite Khashoggi Murder Suspects; Polls Open Soon in Brazil's Election.

Aired -6a ET • The Darkest Day In Pittsburgh History; President Donald Trump Asked If He Would Consider Toning Down His Rhetoric; The Pittsburgh Steelers, Honoring The Victims Today.

Aired 8-9p ET • 11 Dead in Mass Shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue. Aired 7-8p ET • Israel Reacts to Mass Shooting at U. Synagogue; Suspect Robert Bowers Had Long History of Anti-Semitism; Kevin Mc Carthy Sends Out Anti-Semitic-Sounding Tweet, Deletes It; New Audio of Officers After Rushing to Synagogue Shooting.

Aired 9-10p ET • Robert Bowers Opened Fire on Worshippers at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Killing 11 and Wounding 6; The Anti-Defamation League Believes the Assault on Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh Constitutes the Deadliest Attack on Jewish Community in U. Aired 5-6p ET • Authorities Are Working to Find out Who is Behind the Bomb Packages; Saudi with Another Version of Jamal Khashoggi's Death; Disturbed Woman Attack Toddlers in China; Bomber Manhunt Moves To Florida Postal Facility; CIA Director Briefs Trump On Jamal Khashoggi Case; U. To Send At Least 800 Troops To Mexican Border; Journalist Released After Enduring Years Of Hell; One Island Missing.

Aired 2-3p ET • Multiple Deaths in Mass Shooting at Pittsburgh Jewish Synagogue; Synagogue Shooting Suspect with an Anti-Semitic Past in Custody; Shooting Suspect Had Active License to Carry a Firearm; Trump Speaks on Synagogue Shooting at Forum; Councilwoman Erika Strassburger Reacts to Synagogue Shooting; Synagogue Shooting Suspect with an Anti- Semitic Past in Custody; 10 Dead in Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting; Benjamin Netanyahu: "Heartbroken and Appalled" by Synagogue Shooting; What the Suspected Gunman's Social Media Pages Reveal; Uptick in Anti- Semitic Incidents.