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Another benefit of wearing aramis is it is so unique--nothing like today's mainstream designer fragrances.I enjoy knowing my fragrance is different, and unlikely worn by other men around me.The opening notes are grassy green and fresh, spiced with cinnamon. When I wear this I feel like I need to be alert in order to live up to the power of this classic. I had lost hope but in the end I came to the concept: Do not beat the classic.

Wear this one to your next business meeting and get noticed! I enjoy this fragrance very much, but I can't say that I love it. Not because of my taste, but it is very difficult to wear. When I wear this fragrance I have the attitude of "weather you like me or not, I AM HERE... It's a very adult scent - I think it's very romantic but I can imagine it also smelling comforting - the scent of a classy paternal figure as well (like Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch, that sort of vibe).The oakmoss, musk and vetiver at the base is so oldschool it's timeless - one of my favourite combinations wherever you find it.In all its purity, this fragrance remains unchanged but always sought after as a source of great emotions as well as memories.It maintains a sense of virility and candor, a sense of unsettling naturalness.Was introduced to aramis at about age 12 in the 1970s, when my mother bought me the soap for Christmas.

The man she dated for a while was a father figure to me--so loving, generous and classy--and wore aramis.but none of these managed to keep up with this olfactory poem.Aramis is told with its various facets neither sweet nor bitter but ANIMALS.While many might recommend limiting aramis classic to cooler months due to its leathery and spicy notes, I wear it when in the mood throughout the year--casually or for work. Aramis definitely sends me back to my teenage years and high school.I haven't had this perfume in ages but remember the aroma vividly.The composition is built around woody, sharp notes, which are very powerful and masculine.